Executive leadership consulting to help you through times of uncertainty.

Accelerate revenue growth, drive bottom line results.

Who We Are

Ignite Africa Advisory Group provides a world-class reputation and crisis management, leadership development, communications and mentorship consulting service to middle, senior and executive level leaders and boards for more than 50 JSE-listed companies and multi-national organisations across South Africa, Africa and internationally.

What is Authentic Leadership?

At the core of effective leadership is authenticity. In our globalised, digital age, authenticity is a critical facet of successful business.

There are 5 key strategic values that support Authentic Leadership

  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
Accelerate revenue growth, drive bottom line results.

We live in volatile times. An authentic leader who treats others with respect, who always acts ethically and transparently, and who is consistently truthful and straightforward, will earn the trust of colleagues and subordinates and build a strong reputation for their company and themselves with governments, unions, shareholders and activists.

The result is stronger external relationships with markets, greater resiliency in times of crisis, and significantly reduced risk to the business – all ultimately adding to the bottom line.